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Question #1 @min 4:08...
How important is prospecting if you are serious about going full time with your network marketing biz?
He gives you his #1 secret that guarantees to put you light years ahead of your competition, and get people to join YOU vs. your competitors!
Question #3 @min 15:01...
What kind of advice can you give to a first time home based business owner or someone who has never prospected/recruited before?
It has to do with how acting in high school helped re-program his brain (by accident) to become a master prospector... this answer will shock you!
Question #5 @min 27:32...
Can you give us your exact favorite 'go-to' words or "script" you use to open the conversation?
Warning: it's an exact 17 word 'scripted' question that allows you to enter THEIR brain (YES, you too can start using this dangerous question immediately!)

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